Should we be Concerned about Biohacking?


The first thing most people will have thought when they read the title of this blog would be “what on Earth is ‘Biohacking’?”. A quick google of this new buzzword comes up with a variety of results, since a lot of different organisations have tried to coin the phrase as their own. One group associates biohacking with a way of unlocking a person’s inner potential by ‘hacking’ the human body with neat tips and tricks. Another is a group of transhumanists who are interested in transcending the limits of the human body with the use of technology. Whilst these are both interesting, the focus of this article rests on the use of the term to refer to freelance or do-it-yourself biology: performing biology outside of the traditional research lab.

Whilst you might not have heard the word before, the term ‘biohacking’ actually dates back to the 80s, with the movement…

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